Mattatoio5 creates links and boundaries between the different arts by mixing signs and languages, collaborating with artists dedicated to heterogeneous research, and organizing connections between artists and audience.
Over the years, Tommaso Meneghello (vocals, bass), Davide Truffo (guitar) and Filippo De Liberali (synth, programming and visual) are grateful to have shared their creativity with:

Howie B (Rat Race Ep remix)
Amaury Cambuzat (Escapes artistic producer, Rat Race Ep remix)
Samuela Barbieri (performer in Fix Me)
Tony Dawsey (Rat Race Ep mastering)
Frequenze Visive (Fix Me photography)
Igor Imhoff (Escapes and Rat Race Ep videos)
Adeena Karasick (texts and acting voice in Salomè; lyrics and voice in Escapes’ Untie Me)
Elizabeth Mak (visual poetry\digital projections in Salomè)
Vasco Mirandola (acting voice in Fix Me e A Morsi)
Nicola Paccagnella (photography in Escapes)
Silent Panda | Deadly Panda (Rat Race Ep remix)
Nicola Stefanato (Escapes and Rat Race Ep artworks)
Silvia Pasquetto (Escapes, portraits)


Born thanks to a first initiative in 2018 – Life, a photographic exhibition by Nicola Paccagnella, and embellished by the concerts of Mattatoio5 and Replace the Battery at the Virgo Club in Vigonovo – Art Shelter is a series of concerts, a mobile venue for visual and performative arts.

The absence of a refuge, of a physical place where talents can express themselves cannot be overlooked: the artists must resume confronting each other to give new life to the independent scene.

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