Rat Race Ep


Four special collaborations to celebrate Mattatoio5’s work in an EP: mastered by Tony Dawsey – already behind the ranks of albums as Nine Inch Nails‘ “Pretty Hate Machine” – at New York City’s Phantom Mastering Studio, Rat Race welcomes remixes by tracks Rat Race and The Gutters reinterpreted by the sound gazes of Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust), Silent Panda | Deadly Panda (guitar and voice of Julie’s Haircut) and DJ and producer Howie B.

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Digital edition

The original version of the song Rat Race was remastered at Phantom Studios in New York by Tony Dawsey, a sound engineer already behind the ranks of Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine.

The video by Igor Imhoff combines animated elements – a spherical structure with the movements of an anthropomorphic figure made in 3D – and motion capture animations. Linked to sound, the dynamics of acceleration and the rhythm of the images express the eternal search for obtaining, the finite that we discover as eternal, the appearance that reveals itself without escape.

Guitarist, keyboardist, singer and founding member of the band Julie’s Haircut, Luca Giovanardi (AKA Silent Panda | Deadly Panda) interprets the song “Rat Race” from the Escapes album by Mattatoio5.

The video – created by Igor Imhoff in 3D computer graphics – is a tribute to vaporwave aesthetics and car racing video games. In the constant and inexorable flow of the road, the world represented changes, modified by sound and destined for increasingly destructive glitches in a desperate attempt to reach the solar disk in the center of the screen.

Well Known protagonist of English electronic music and producer of artists such as Tricky, Björk and U2, Howie B interprets “Rat Race”, a track by Mattatoio5 extracted from Escapes (2020), the band’s second album.

Based on footage from a low-definition streaming, the video was created by Igor Imhoff using numerous rotoscope techniques. The dancer Camilla Monga is the protagonist of the flow of images – a combination of algorithms, drawing and a pinch of artificial intelligence, regenerated in a figure lowered into a virtual space and re-processed with the rotoscope to obtain a representation more similar to the pictorial gesture and a digital error with an analog taste.

Producer and musician active in Faust and Ulan Bator bands, Amaury Cambuzat reinterprets The Gutters, a track extracted from the latest Mattatoio5 album – “Escapes” – produced under the artistic direction of Cambuzat himself at Tommaso Mantelli’s Lesder Studio.

The singular MonstR (e) Mix is ​​accompanied by the video by Igor Ihmof: poised between Aphex Twin and Francis Bacon, it was created in touch designer: it blends 4 streams of images that portray the members of the band – Tommaso Meneghello (voice, bass) , Davide Truffo (guitar), Filippo De Liberali (synth, programming and visual) – and Amaury Cambuzat struggling with the performance of the vocal part of the song. A purpose-built procedural noise algorithm cancels portions of each individual stream to show a continuous cycle of rhythm-related visions.