In Kurt Vonnegut‘s novel, the Slaughterhouse-Five (in Italian language: Mattatoio 5) is a refuge from the Second World War bombing; the novels’ protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, travels with his mind to escape from everyday life: this is what Mattatoio5 perceive of their music. Post-rock, dark wave and electronics generate alternative universes in which unconventional sounds are combined with theatrical performances, choreography, poetry and visuals. Music is a life soundtrack: the performer is not the protagonist, but the co-author of a multisensory experience.


“A sonic journey made of electronic and post-rock music, with elements in the mood of Massive Attack, trip hop and experiments from the latest Notwist. Rat Race is a work that moves in the name of quality and defined artistic impulses.”

Marco Del Casale, Rockit.it

Rat Race Ep includes Rat Race and The Gutters’ remixes, tracks that have been reinterpreted by the sound gazes of Amaury Cambuzat, Silent Panda | Deadly Panda (aka Luca Giovanardi, guitar and voice of Julie’s Haircut), and DJ and producer Howie B.


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“A mature and personal confirmation in which the surreal dimensions meet our hidden inner side. A warm, suggestive and international environment, capable of arousing strong emotional vibrations.”

Simone Catena, Impatto Sonoro

Produced and mixed by Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust), Escapes is the second album by Mattatoio5. Recorded in 2020 at Tommaso Mantelli’s Lesder Studio, it sees the participation of Romina Salvadori – former vocalist in the band EstAsia, the American poet Adeena Karasick and Bernardino Carbone on acoustic drums.



Vasco Mirandola – actor already alongside the Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores – and Mattatoio5 share the taste for a search between images, videos, dance, electronic music and words, capable of returning reflections on burning contemporary issues.

Their first collaboration, Fix Me (2017) is dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease: what happens if the process that transforms our experiences, our experiences, our actions into memories is damaged and memories fade or remain only occasionally, like stains on a sheet?

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