Mattatoio5 was born in 2013 from the listening and visions on the art of Davide Truffo (guitar), Filippo De Liberali (synth, programming, visual) and Tommaso Meneghello (vocals, bass). Post-rock, dark wave and electronic languages ​​are the main inspirations of the band, sounds combined with theatrical performances, choreography, poetry and visuals to create immersive experiences.

The trio recorded their first album – Cheap Pop in 2015, reviewed by as “an adventure in space, a parable of an induced journey to escape from reality and from untapped alternatives (…), a spiritual journey aimed at researching a better existence”.

Lovers of visual and performing arts, starting from 2017 the members of Mattatoio5 pour their creativity into multimedia, participating in the creation of soundtracks and video backgrounds for works such as Fix Me – story in images and memories on the theme of Alzheimer’s with Vasco Mirandola and Samuela Barbieri; A Morsi (2019) – journey through the texts of the new poem with Vasco Mirandola; Salomè (2019) – with American poetess Adeena Karasick.

Recorded at Tommaso Mantelli’s Lesder Studio, Mattatoio5’s second album – Escapes (2021) – is produced and mixed by Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust). Welcomed as a “mature and personal confirmation capable of arousing strong emotional vibrations” (Impatto Sonoro), the new album sees the collaborations of Romina Salvadori – former vocalist in the band EstAsia, Adeena Karasick and Bernardino Carbone on acoustic drums.

In 2021, Mattatoio5 invites some excellent guests to interpret two excerpts from Escapes: Rat Race and The Gutters; the remixes by Amaury Cambuzat, Silent Panda | Deadly Panda (moniker by Luca Giovanardi, guitar and voice of Julie’s Haircut) and by DJ and producer Howie B, are collected in Rat Race Ep.