Fix Me


Multimedial piece.

Vasco Mirandola
acting voice

music and background video

Samuela Barbieri

Frequenze Visive

Doris T Dada

Vasco Mirandola – actor already alongside the Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores in numerous movies – and Mattatoio5 share the taste for a search between images, videos, dance, electronic music and words, capable of returning reflections on burning contemporary issues.

Their first collaboration, Fix Me (2017) (2017) is dedicated to people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease: what happens if the process that transforms our experiences, our experiences, our actions into memories is damaged and the memories fade or remain only to strokes, like spots on a sheet?

In collaboration with Frequenze Visive – association for photography and multimedia arts, Fix Me raises questions, welcomes reflections, evokes and translates worlds that concern us intimately through music, diaries, photographs, dance and the use of three simultaneous projections. The musical system stages the suffering and loss of disease, celebrating man’s innate ability to make up for the loss with the tenacity and passion of loved ones.

2 June 2017, Brancotype Festival, Ca’ Vendramin, Taglio di Po.

Photographies by Silvia Pasquetto.