Produced under the artistic direction of Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust) and recorded at Tommaso Mantelli’s Lesder Studio, Escapes (2020) is the second album by Mattatoio5.

Texts and atmospheres are inspired by the Prisons of Invention – a series of 16 engravings made by Giovanni Battista Piranesi between 1745 and 1750 – in which impossible perspectives recall, as in a nightmare, the abstract dimension of our existence through “the negation of time, the offset of space, the suggested levitation, the thrill of the impossible reached or overcome ”.

Escapes sees the participation of Romina Salvadori – former vocalist in the band EstAsia, the American poetess Adeena Karasick and Bernardino Carbone on acoustic drums.
Photo: Nicola Paccagnella
Artwork: Nicola Stefanato

Available in:
CD-R limited edition (50 copies)
CD-R limited edition (50 copies) + t-shirt
Digital edition + t-shirt

Escapes’ live performances are accompanied by the work of Igor Imhoff, author of the videos.

Obtained through data acquisition and animation techniques, Escape video, with Romina Salvadori, was created through a myriad of digital points animated by the protagonist and translated by Imhoff via 3D animation software into sharp geometries.

Romina’s digital alter-ego is immersed in a virtual liquid scenario and the architectural structures, materials and graphic elements change with the music, undergoing glitch and voice alterations, synchronizing with the captured movements.

The Gutters video clip combines two streams of images: the first shows the faces of the band members, while the second depicts a boxer in 3D animation. Each flow has been integrated in a virtual environment: thanks to an algorithm programmed in touchdesigner, the sound defines the movements in space and rotations.

Untie Me explores the continuous unions and separations of a forbidden love; the text has been interpreted by Adeena Karasick, and it was extracted from her book Checking In (Talonbooks, Vancouver 2018). Adaptation of the poem “Lorem Ipsum”, it has its roots in Cicero’s De finibus bonorum et malorum: the binomial “Lorem Ipsum” – which in Latin means “pain itself” – is transformed into the image of passionate love and into the concept of “Occupation of space”, reworked through an impossible relationship both in love and in language.

Adeena Karasick moves in a rotoscope made in touchdesigner on two levels: one positive and the other negative. The alternation of the two layers, connected to the track rhythm, makes the video ethereal and smoky, while the text is animated and timed with a traditional animation technique subjected to a series of glitches.

“A mature and personal confirmation capable of arousing strong emotional vibrations”
Impatto Sonoro

“A great record, and not just intended for lovers of the genre”
Indie for Bunnies

“A work created with attention to the smallest details, a peculiar and multi-faceted record pervaded by relevant musical influences; ten compositions rich in electronic tones, new-wave and post-rock approaches, shoegaze references and psychedelic atmospheres.”