Staging for voice, music, dance and video projections.

Adeena Karasick
acting voice


Elizabeth Mak
visual poetry\digital projections

New York poetess, Adeena Karasick is a cultural theorist, media artist and author of seven books on poetry; her writing style has been called “electricity in the language”.

Karasick publishes “Salomè, donna di valore” [“Salomè, a woman of valor”] (Edizioni Cleup), a text that reviews the legend of Salomè by reversing the image of the protagonist from evil to heroine: incarnation of female desire, Salomè becomes a fighter for freedom and manifestation lustful of difference, dissonance and legitimacy.

In its version for multiple voices, music, dance and video projections, “Salomè, a woman of value” has been premiered at the Tribeca New Music Festival (Cell Theater, New York, 2014); in 2019, Mattatoio5 collaborates on the Italian dates of the European tour of “Salomé” between Padua and Venice, proposing unpublished music composed and performed for Karasick’s opera.

21 May 2019, Ca’ Sana (Padova)

Photographies by Antonio Fenio.